The Lighting Guild
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The lighting world is currently undergoing a period of rapid and considerable change. With significant advances in LED technology, colour rendering and colour temperature are now at a level that is seeing LED fixtures specified as true replacements to the more traditional high power light sources.

The Lighting Guild is a collaboration of qualified designers and engineers dedicated to the design and development of energy efficient luminaries that aim to improve our quality of life. With a team of lighting specifiers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers and skilled craftsmen, we can manage the entire development and production process of each new light we develop to ensure only the highest quality of manufacture is obtained on every project and project lead times are maintained.

With more than 10 years experience servicing architects, consultants and interior designers, The Guild is perfectly equipped to service the entire lighting community offering the highest level of custom design and manufacturing services along with a unique range of the very latest commercial, residential and decorative LED lighting fixtures.